Display Hidden Password

google login page

In most browsers the password is displayed by black dots or the asterisks. A visitor or the user can’t see this password. In this post I am going explain a trick that will help you to find the hidden password. Follow the steps below to reveal password.

Step 1 : Open any web browser and go to website login page. The browser will automatically fill the password of the user. It is because of the ability of browser to remember username and password. [ It also possible to disable this feature]. Here the password is marked with black dots or stars.

google password box

Step 2 : Now right click mouse near to password box. When u right click the mouse a new menu will be displayed. Please select ‘Inspect Element’ from the menu.

inspect element option in menu

Step 3 : Now a developer tool open at bottom of browser.

developer box code view

In the code section you can see type of password box is set to password. 

type changed to text

Please double click type and change to text. Now your password is revealed. 

hidden password displayed
To know more please see this video. In this video I had explained how to reveal password of yahoo account. 

This trick will work in all kind of website. But never use this trick for rough purpose.  Friends before leaving please follow me on twitter and Facebook page.

Update { Security Tips } : There are two solution to overcome finding of password from browsers.

1) Never store password inside web browser.
2) Use SMS protection for your account. To know more about free SMS protection please see http://youtu.be/kX625zOPHbw