About the author

Nikhil Vijay M KNikhil Vijay is a computer science & engineering student, living at Kerala. He always interested in bringing out techniques and tricks related to personal technology. He aims at take full advantage of existing technology. He started  eTechlic, a technical blog in 2011. On his blog, he writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, and web applications, news, tips, tricks & stories to you.

He twittes design related link regularly. His passion includes photography, blogging and studying.  In addition to this he is a good film critic. He have moderate political view. He was also an Adsense Certified Professional from Kerala.

He is interested in visiting places. He usually makes long travel on train. He always view the objects and  obstacles slight different from others.  You can find him in major social networking site like Facebook, Plus, Twitter etc.

Updated on June 8, 2015