Unlock Ubuntu password

This is a tutorial which help you steel Ubuntu password. Actually this article doesn't teach to steal password. But it can be extended. If you get an Ubuntu installed system and its password is not known to you. Then you cant able to access the data. The below mention method help you to reset the existing user password and make you able to access the user data.There are many reasons you might want to reset a password:

    1.Someone gave you a computer with Ubuntu installed on it but not the password for the user account.

    2.You just installed Ubuntu and forgot what password you selected during the installation process.

    3.You have too many passwords in your life and can't keep track of them all.

Steps to reset password

Step 1: First, you have to reboot into recovery mode. For that you need to restart your system. Then you can see a grub as below (for a computer having single operating system hold shift key to enter grub during booting)

ubuntu grub version 1.99

Step 2:  From the grub or boot menu, select recovery mode, which is usually the second boot option. Then you will be redirected to a screen called Recovery menu which is  similar to that given below.

ubuntu recovery menu

Step 3: Select Drop to root shell prompt option.

Step 4:  Now type ls /home in the below shell prompt

Step 5: Then type passwd <username> .where username is the username you want to reset. 

Step 6: Then we can see a line which ask new password. Here you had to enter the new password. Now we had rested the user password

Step 7: Then type to exit to quite the prompt  Then your system will restart and you can able to access user data.


Update: This will be available on all versions of Ubuntu. It can also be used if Ubuntu is installed side by side