Disclaimer outlines the limitations of user. It specifies the features that are not allowed to do. Following are some of them:

All contents published are owned by eTechlic and it is genuine. The content is copyrighted to eTechlic and may not be reproduced on other websites. It is applicable to articles, images, media, graphics, trademarks and documents published on eTechlic.

If you are interested in linking, quoting or using articles you can do it. The quote should be limited 3-4 lines or maximum 50 words. Please make sure that proper credit (link and logo to original post) along with author name are added. In addition, please follow the terms of usage as listed below.

Reusing Images

You are allowed to use images in eTechlic for non commercial use. You can save them in our system and can be used for personal use (example: wallpapers). You can’t modify or print them or not allowed to distribute in any form. You can’t including them on your website.
Use of images directly hosted on our site will consider as bandwidth theft. We never promote bandwidth theft. When it is discovered, we take strict action against it.
Reprinting of contents

Without permission you can’t reprint contents. If you want to reprinting posts from eTechlic, you must seek permission author of eTechlic. All the request for reprint should emailed along with URL to original article at mips6.network@gmail.com. After evaluating, permission is provided to reprint. You need to make payment requested by author.

Illegal usage of content

In case inappropriate use of content from eTechlic we will file a complaint with advertising partners and the DMCA. In addition, we also contact web hosting or the printing company and government or law bodies for the legal action.
Report copyright infringement

If you find any of our contents are reproduced without permission, please inform us at mips6.network@gmail.com. While mailing include URL where you find duplicate post. We will take necessary action.

If you find the reverse that any of the contents in our site violate your right please report it to us. While reporting you must include URL of original post and duplicate post. All request to be mailed to mips6.network@gmail.com. After evaluating your complaint, we will remove those posts with in 30 working days.

Note : Disclaimer can be modified at any time. Its your responsibility to make sure that you had go through it.

Contacting us

If you like to have more information or questions, please feel free to contact at: mips6.network@gmail.com.

Updated on December 26, 2012