Free Microsoft portable USB antivirus

This story is about anti-virus, a program that heal malicious program. Most of the virus prevents installing anti-virus on infected system. If such a situation occurs most users format their system and install a new copy of window. It might lead to losing your data and waste your valuable time. For an organisation or even for individual it is very painful act. Here I am going to explain a solution too this problem.

Microsoft safety scanner is a security tool developed by Microsoft, which can be used to check presence of malicious program in a system. It is portable program that can copy in a pen drive. It can work even a virus is present.  Moreover it is compatible with windows 7, Vista, XP. And never perform genuine test. So it safe to used by any kind of windows user. Follow link below to download Microsoft Scanner.

You won’t pay anything for this. It is absolutely free. Once the program is downloaded, copy it to some portable device like pen drive, disc, portable HDD etc. Plug the device in infected device. Then locate file msert.exe. Double click and start the program.

Free Microsoft Portable USB Anti-Virus

You can select either through scan or quick scan. A through scan will check every file and folder in the system. So it is a time consuming process. You can go for an quick scan, it will help you to save time. During scanning process if an problem or infected program is found, it will be automatically quarantined.

Another important thing is that Microsoft Scanner is valid for ten days. After 10 days of download it get expired. But you can download a number of copies at any time for free.

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Update:  Now Microsoft scanner for x64 and x32 are available. While download please make sure you are downloading proper package. To know system requirement for installing Microsoft scanner please visit