Installing Wamp server in windows

WAMP (Windows Apache Mysql PHP) is packages used in windows platform for testing or running web applications in developers computer or for deployment. It is a collection of independently-created programs like web server Apache,  open-source database MySQL and one of the scripting language PHP, Perl or Python etc. It is also a free application available under General Purpose Licence (GPL). LAMP and MAMP are equivalent packages of WAMP for Linux and mac respectively. 

For installing WAMP you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (MVC2RP). You need to do this because WAMP is written in visual c++. Unless you download and install (MVC2RP), you can't run WAMP. If you try to run WAMP without installling (MVC2RP), it will produce an error msvcr100.dll was not found. MVC2RP is a free package devoloped by microsoft. For download it please follow the links below.

Download X86 (32bit) : Click here
Download X64 : Click here

Installing Wamp Server in Windows

Once MVC2RP is installed, you need to install WAMP.It is also an free application, that can be downloaded from Once you downloaded WAMP please play video embedded below to know how to install wamp.