Top 5 budget tablets In India

Now India is running behind the tablets. Couple of months before India had released world cheapest tablet called Akash. After that, when we analyses the Indian market, there we can see an increase in sales and production of tablets. Most Indians focus on low price tablets. This motion made me to write a post about it. Here I am going to describe some budget tablets and its features. It will help you to pick right one that satisfies you. 

First of all you need to understand tablet or simply tab is a mobile computer. It is larger than a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) and have flat touch screen. But it is not a substituent of desktop or laptop computer. Its computational power is very low compared to computers. But they are good substituent for mobile phone. It has almost features of mobile phone. Wide variety of tablets are available in market. Its price ranges between Rs.2500 to Rs.89000. Most people look for budget tablets. Some budget tablets include:

Beetel Magiq: Magiq is developed by Beetel. Its Price is around Rs.9999. Its Specifications includes: 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 7" TFT multi touch screen, Android 2.2, 2 megapixel front and rear camera, 8GB internal and 16GB extendable SD card memory. It can able to process data very fast. It provides an good response to users action.

Mercury mTab: It is manufactured by mercury. It is an android based table. Its Price is just Rs.9499. It has 1.2 GHz triple core processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB internal memory expandable memory up to 32GB, 7-inch touch display. It is a good choice. I had personally recommends it.

Micromax Funbook: It is developed by Micromax. Its Price is just Rs.6499. It android 4.0.3 ice-cream sandwich based tablet bundled with features like 512 MB Ram, Wi-Fi, 3G, USB, Capacitive 17.8cm Multi-Touch Screen, 0.3 Mega Pixels VGA camera, Li-Ion battery with 5 hours backup. Funbook is primarily designed for students. It available in Midnight Black & Slate Grey colors.

Akash: It’s the India’s most popular budget tablet. Akash or Akash -I is commercially manufactured by Datawind. It is actually designed by student at IIT. It price is just Rs.2500. Its features include: Android 2.2 OS, 256MB RAM, 32 GB expandable memory, wi-fi, replacement warranty etc. It has a lot of drawback including: delayed response, slow processing, no multi touch, rough touch panel, battery life and you cannot make calls. Moreover I here’d that Datawind had stopped producing Akash 1.

Ubisalate 7+ : Ubisalate 7+ or Akash-II is the second generation of Akash-I. It is commercially manufactured by Ubisalate. Its Price is just Rs.2999. But this tablet will be available for students in urban and rural areas at a subscribed price of Rs.1200. Its features include: Android 2.3 OS, Graphic accelerator and HD video processor, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal memory, GPRS, Wi-fi and phone calling facilities. It overcome only some drawback of Akash-I.  It also has drawback like: slow response, no multi touch, resistive touch and quality.