Free mobile recharge using facebook

Embeepay is a Facebook Application free to use for all registered user of Facebook. Embeepay offers a free recharge for you on any mobile. Embeepay currently supports 320 mobile operators in 100 countries. For enjoying Embeepay service we need to register. Once you registered, Embeepay will pay you some embee points for every task you will do on Embeepay and you can redeem those embee points in terms of top up prepaid mobile recharge. The entire process is as follows:

1.     Login to your Facebook account.
2.     Go to Embeepay application by clicking here
3.     Sign Up using your valid phone number, country & carrier.
4.     After Sign Up, you will get 50 Embeepay points.
5.     Now click on Validate now & get more 50 Embeepay points by confirming your mobile number.
6.     Now go to earn tab & click on Signup for Email Alerts, verify you Email & you will get 50 point.
7.     Now your Embeepay points will reach to 150.
8.     Come back to Home tab, you will see "Share Reward" under Feature Paycheck of 20 points.
9.     Next step is to get more points by inviting your 5 friends. For inviting, go Friends tab> Invites.
10.   When your five friends will be registered, Check Rewards & claim your points.
11.   Now go to Redeem tab & choose the Top up using your points.

To get list of friends you accepted your request, go to Friends>Invites> Click on Invite History (On top right side). You will get the list.

Note : The referred members must be in your friend list otherwise you will not get points.

It is very simple. Now I am tableting the points and corresponding recharge amount, it will help you to refill mobile.

    Point                  Amount    
  150                  $1 / Rs.50
    300                  $2 / Rs.100
    500                  $4 / Rs.200
    800                  $6 / Rs.300

So you got your first free mobile recharge by doing above tasks but now what how to earn more free mobile recharge. Embeepay have lots of sign up task such as survey, paid video watching, daily visit points and other offers.

Embeepay gets money from advertisers like for featuring their products and services on Embeepay and they share the profit with Embeepay users. They also have connections with various mobile wallets like super rewards, matey and Supersonic.

Embeepay is not scam. I have already received two mobile top up recharge from Embeepay and yes they did have very good support staff which will respond to your query via email so if you are having any problem related to your account then send a email to