Manually set Gtalk status to invisible and idle

Google talk was one of the world popular applications that provide both text and voice messaging service.  In its initial version we have both invisible and idle mode. These modes can be manually selected by user. But 2-3 years back, Google remove this option. Today G talk doesn't allow user to select Invisible or Idle status manually. That means there was no way you could remain invisible from your G talk  But in many instance people don’t like get disturbed. Now in this post I am going to explain a method that will help you to manually select Idle or Invisible mode.

This can be done using another instant messenger called nimbuzz. It is also a free application that has additional capability to run in mobiles. Follow are typical steps that a user should go to make G talk idle using nimbuzz.

Step 1 : First, you need to download nimbuzz application if you don’t have one. You can download it from nimbuzzofficial website.

Step 2 : Once the download finishes install nimbuzz. This installation procedure is very simple like any another application.

nimbuzz starting window

Step 3 : Open nimbuzz after installing. In the welcome screen (as above image) you can see a link to create an account. When you click it, a new registration window will appear. In this window you need to enter some details. Enter them properly and clicks create.

nimbuzz setup assistance

Step 4 : Now you are requested to give your Gmail mail id and password. Enter them correctly and press connect. After successfully connect your account press next.

connecting nimbuzz with google talk

Step 5 : Now you are directed to new window. In this window you can see a finish option at bottom. Click it.

nimbuzz personal preferences configuration

Step 6 : Now you had configured nimbuzz successfully. Now you can see a list at the top. In this list you have several statuses such as invisible, Idle (away), busy and available. Select any of the modes that you like. For example if you select invisible, none of your friends came to know you are online, while you can connected. You can also message or go for voice chat with your favourite person in invisible mode.

nimbus status list with online busy invisible

For more details see this video  

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