Gemini Issue Tracking Software Reviews

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Gemini is one of the popular help desk, issue, bug tracking and project management software. It was developed by developed by Countersoft a United Kingdom based software house, founded in 2003. Gemini is the fastest growing online project, issue management system. It has a huge volume of customers all over the world. It been used by blue-chip Company, government and private organization like Mac-Farlance, Intel, Dell, Motorola, KPMG, Nokia, Domino's, Ups, DHL, Netapp, TNT, NHS, BT, Siemens, Time-America, Strategy-Analytics and more.

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From the long list of companies using Gemini, you can understand that Gemini can be used regardless of industry or section in with the company or product belongs.  The two main steps involved in each project are planning and tracking issues during its execution. Applications like Gemini help you to do these things.

It has lot of features that includes project management tools, bug tracking, issue tracking, project portfolio management, resource management, scheduling, document management system, help desk management and software testing.

As previously mentioned planning is the first step for all successful projects. Gemini provides all options which are required by project managers for designing or planning projects. It focuses on event or taking management functionalities, time management functionalities, project progress monitoring and monitoring lagging project. Apart from project management solution, it also provides issue management and bug tracking capabilities to project managers. It comes with full featured issue tracking, reporting, and bugging options. These features help you to find outstanding issues, prioritizing these issues, and applying solutions that are known to resolve these issues.

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It also provides manual test plan execution which allows you to run multiple test cases and raise bugs from each step. It is really a wonderful feature that I won’t see in any other project or issue management software packages.  This testing feature helps us to manage their project quality. You can also make financial planning here.  No other firm in this sector provides this wonderful quality management system. It also provides you to offer own help desk and ticketing functionality.

Countersoft developed Gemini package using C#, and MS sql server make it run faster than you expected.  It also enables users to Integrate Gemini with MS Visual Studio and Outlook. Gemini is also available in more than 10 languages. In addition to all this, it provides 24 x 7 supports. 

Gemini is available in two versions: offline or local server version that can be downloaded and installed at your own server and web or cloud version. Local server version support windows and mac operating system. Countersoft offers this amazing solution at $85 for local server version and $10 for web version. A detailed price chart is added below.

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They also offer 15 days trail. So download and try it now.

So I conclude that Countersoft Genimi is the perfect choice for small, medium and large enterprise. It is completely customizable, highly flexible, adaptable and effective. But it easy to install and maintain. I promise that, it will change your classic paper pen method to better online method. Moreover it is available at a most profitable price scheme. So don’t wait any more please go and download it.