How to start Milma MilK Society In Kerala.

Here I am going to explain the process in establishing Milma Society in your location. Few days before I had searched many web portals to get the same. Unfortunately I cant able to find right one. So I contacted the board. Mr George, Manager of P&I replied me regarding the process to start milk association.

According to the replay, you need to submit application in a white paper to deputy director dairy development department or Dairy Extension Officer in your block panchayat. Each application to be signed by at least 25 farmers of different families having milking animals and residing in the proposed wards. It may contain details like animal population, milk production potential and market surplus of milk etc. A copy of application to be submitted to Milma too. Moreover registration of new society is possible only if there is no registered milk society in the proposed area.

I think this information is helpful. In case of any more information required please contact regional Milma office.