Nokia phase-out Symbian

World-leading mobile phone producer Nokia announced that they are planning to stop use of Symbian operating system and Nokia N9 will be the first and last handset in Meego platform.

This decision of Nokia had considered as the initial step of management to power up Nokia and to bring back it to first. In 2012 Samsung beats Nokia. Samsung had made sales more than Nokia had.

Nokia is currently at bad financial situation. To overcome it, Nokia decided to reduce money spend on researches. This made Nokia to drop new Symbian projects. All the upcoming mobiles build by Nokia use windows operating system. Nokia also sold its headquarters as to increase fund. It sales and leaseback headquarters ‘Nokia House’ located in Finland for $220 million. According to Nokia its buildings are not part of its assets and Nokia is not interested in real-estate business.

More over Nokia announced cut down of 10,000 jobs as to reduce operational cost. It had started its first phase of cut down. And it is expected to finish within 2013.

According to the sources Nokia will provide support to existing Symbian phones till 2016. Nokia Marketing Director Viral Oza clarified this news. He also mentioned that Nokia will launch its smartphone N9 be the first and last phone to have Meego platform, but Nokia provides full support to N9 throughout the product lifecycle. In-fact Nokia and Intel jointly build the Meego platform. Now Meego was seen as Intel’s strategy to enter into mobile business.

At the same time Nokia launched two smart phones E6 and X7. Both phone works based on Symbian Anna platform. Nokia X7 is designed as an entertainment phone. It has high definition display specially designed for gamming. On the other hand E6 was primarily for communication. It has a battery that can support 50 day stand-by and 1 day of talk-time. It has both touch and QWERTY input. Both E6 and X7 are not performed as expected in market. After someday Nokia launched Lumia series phone. Nokia Lumina works under windows platform.

Finally Nokia signed patent agreement with blackberry. Research In Motions ends all the patent dispute with Nokia after agreeing to pay one time penalty