Create your own multi Linux boot stick

Linux is name for its freedom and experimenting. Most of the open source operating system is capable of testing its environment without actual installation, called ‘Live CD’. With ‘Live CD’ facility today you don’t need to burn disc to try out a new Linux distro. Using a couple of tools you can create a bootable Linux stick. Here I am going to explain tool say Yumi. It is a free tool.

What you need?

1. Live CD image of the distros you want
2. Yumi Multiboot USB creator. Yumi supports well known distributions such as Ubuntu, Knoppix and Pclinux. For download Yumi go to
3. UBS drive

How to make your own multi boot stick?

Yumi closely resembles an installer. After downloading Yumi follow steps written below

Step 1: Run Yumi Multiboot USB creator.

Step 2: On the first screen you’ll have to accept a license agreement.

Step 3: Next, Select USB drive using its drive letter.

Step 4: Click on the browser button, and select the distribution you are using.

Step 5: Select iso image of Linux distro. If you haven’t already downloaded the image of Linux distro you want Yumi can do it for you!

Step6: Once done, Yumi asks you whether you want to add another Linux distribution from list. You either say ‘yes’ or run the program again later and do steps 1 to step 3 and press create Live CD.

(If don’t have images of Linux operating system you can download them from respective manufactures site. In most case it has a size of 600 to 1500 MBs. Moreover you can make any number of copies of downloaded image and can distribute them legally. You can also get source code of them. Using this you build your own system or can modify them. For building your own system or updating you should have some knowledge about system programing and compilation)