Make your own Chrome-book

On July 15, Samsung and Acer will release the first Chrome-book at around $400. Laptop and Chrome-book have similar hardware architecture. Then why you had waste $400 for purchasing a new Chrome-book.

It is very easy to create a Chrome-book. Here I am going to explain simple steps to build Chrome-book. For this you requires following items.

1. A laptop or notebook.
2. A 2GB USB Memory stick.
3. Grab a copy of Chrome OS. It is possible for you to download Google chrome image from Hexxeh for free.
How to create chromebook?

Once you collected all the required items please follow the steps below to build Chrome-book:
1.    Once you download Chrome OS, burn image into your memory stick.

2.    Then plug your USB memory stick and restart your system. (Make sure that your computer is set to boot from USB.)

3.    After 8 seconds, you should be greeted with a login screen. If a network connection has been detected Wifi or Ethernet, you will able to continue to login screen. Enter your normal Google account credentials and press Enter.

4.    Then, hit Ctrl + Alt + T , which will bring up a diagnostic type terminal screen.

5.    Then, type shell and press Enter. Type /usr/sbin/chromeos-install and press enter. If prompted for a password, use facepunch. When installation completed, reboot your system after removing memory stick.

(If you try these steps you can save money. You can also participate chromium project. Google Chromium is an open source project. Google Chrome browser is developed under Chromium project. Google Chrome was one of the fast growing web browsers. It captured majority of market. Google Chrome can load pages faster than all other browsers that make it powerful. And it is very simple and free. You can download it from .)

Tested and proved.