Secrets of Google’s search

Google is famous for the search engine. People use Google search to find site or contents that that matches their interest. They need only to enter their query or text referring your interest. Once the referring test is entered, Google find the sites that you might like to read. Google take only milliseconds of time to delivers search result. It is because of its efficient algorithm.

Everyone was interested in knowing what happens inside search engine when a keyword is typed in search box. Now we can examine working of Google’s search algorithm.

Stage 1: Guy sitting in front of computer open Google and types a search query or term referring his or her interest on Google search field.

Stage 2: When start entering search query, Google tries to complete query based on closest matching search query (previously entered by some user which is stored in database). It was done by query processor.

Stage 3: When guy hit Enter Google’s index server that record every single webpage on web start its work. It will retrieve all the relevant records and handover to document server.

Stage 4: Then document server calculates the top result for your query (based on page ranking).

Stage 5: It transfers its control to Ad Server that tries to plug contextual ads to search page. It also appends and update ad records.

Stage 6: Then it tries to find contents related to your search query from Facebook and Twitter.

Stage 7: Within milliseconds Goggle’s server binds together contents it discovered in each stage and produces finished search page.

All these require a fraction of second. Google update it algorithm periodically to improve user experience and to reduce search cost. It also tries to store data in small capsules that are easy to read and write. All this enhance search and obtain interesting results