Few problems about Google's social network

Search engine giant Google announced their new social network, Google Plus, and it is already in testing. Google allows only selected persons to test their new social portal. Those who got Google's invitation can login to plus. Fortunately, I got a one. During my browse I had found few problems with plus. Some of them are:

problem 1. Google plus contain circle, that allow you to segregate your contacts more intuitively. Google treated circle as its most powerful feature of plus. But drag and drop graphic interface for creating circles and adding contacts is cool , but the problem is that one cannot sort Google Plus’ circles in stream view. That it they appear in alphabetical view and cannot be rearranged or hidden or tweaked. More over if you remove someone from a circle will not remove their posts. Then what’s its use.

problem 2. Visiters are allowed to comment, but no nested comment. Absence of nested comments is other problem that i found on Google.

problem 3. Google plus allow you to block certain person. Block everything related to you being appearing for him, without leaving a trace, but thing that you shared with the person still remains after blocking.

problem 4. In Google Plus, the posts don’t update in real time and is often delayed by couple of minutes to appear.

problem 5. Google plus users not able to use Google plus.

problem 6. Hangout will not work on IE9. But it is possible in compatibility view.

problem 7. And it is observed that the images in plus are not loading at particular instances.

I hope that these problems are helpful for social networking giants Facebook to keep their world on their hands.

Update: After some days Google had fixed most of the problems. It also introduces some more features that are interesting to users. Even though it is grounded. It can’t boom prominence of Facebook