Detect earth quake

A sudden, violent shaking of the earth or volcanic action causing great destruction is termed as earthquake. The intensity of earthquakes is expressed by the Richter scale and its value lay between 7 and 9. Now it is possible for you to detect and measure earth quake using Apple products such as i phone, i pad or mac-book.

Commonly Seismograph is the device used to measure motion of earth’s crust. You can convert your apple products to a seismograph. For this purpose you had to use Safari browser on your iOS device and an chrome browser on mac-book. For converting your apple product to seismograph, please follow steps below.

Step 1:   Download and install Safari or chrome OS.

Step 2:   After installing please launch them.

Step 3:   Then you had to visit

Step 4:   Now for testing please shake your device.

Step 5:   Once you stop shaking, you can see a graph showing shake.

Its working is very simple. Imagine that your device is placed on a flat, less mobile surface. Then if sudden, violent shake occurs it will detect this movement and produce corresponding graph. Apple product have a in built accelerometer, it will detect change in orientation of device and report to browser. Browser then interact and report change in orientation. Then will check whether the shake lies between 7 and 9 Richter scale. If yes, it will report an earthquake and produce graph. 

Note: - makes use of a JavaScript to produce graph. This script works with chrome and safari only. So please make use of above browsers.

Update: This feature work more efficiently in i phone 5 than that of i phone 4SE or 4.

All I Phone users kindly test this feature. It’s real. I had already tested this feature. 100% working.