Remove Facebook blocking!

Facebook is popular social network, launched in February 2004 , which connect peoples. In our college internet lab Facebook and all other social networks are blocked. So we can't browse them and it not so easy to break blocking. So i had found an alternative way to browse blocked webpages. Its very simple. I will explain it for you

Step 1:  Pleas open .

Step 2:   Then enter the keyword 'proxy server' and press enter.

Search proxy site on Google

Step 3: Then you can see a search result, Select any one of link. Here I am choosing (or or

Step 4: Enter address of blocked site that you want to browse.

Proxy server to facebook unblocking

Step 5: Press enter. Now your favorite site will open even if it is blocked by system administrator.

Update: Some proxy site doesn’t support some feature such as JavaScript, flash player, Silverlight etc. Because of this reason if you are using some proxy site to watch YouTube videos, it will disappoint you. This proxy site which doesn’t have JavaScript will not allow you to create new account. Because of the same reason you are not able to check your Gmail account if you have dynamic view. Moreover you can’t download files from data storage websites like or etc. But there are also proxy site which have all these features. Some such sites are or or )

Note: Please also note that proxy sites hide your IP-address from the original site. It will acts like a mediator. You request the mediator, mediator in turn request the original. So original site doesn’t get you IP-address. Only mediator has it. And it is not easy to find.

Tag: Unblock your favorite websites such as or at your school, college or work regardless of the platform you are using, for example, on Windows, Mac, HTC, iPhone etc