Make the conversion easier using Google

Google is famous for its search engine. Every day more than 20 billions users make use of Google's search engine. Its simplicity , fastness, claw algorithm are some factors effecting this much of popularity. But for me Google is not just an search engine. It can be used as an calculate or metric converter, clock, Score board, profile finder, flight status finder, currency converter, map. You don't need to go for any other site for all this. All this can be done with Google. Examples.

Example 1: Google as clock

Open and enter 'India time' or 'time India  and press enter. Now you can see current India time.

Current time finding with Google

Example 2:  Google as calculator

Here two numbers are multiplied and then divide them with an third number number.

use Google as a calculator

Example 3: Google as metric converter

Here I am going to convert temperature. Temperature in degree Celsius is converted to Fahrenheit. It sis very simple. If the temperature you want to convert is 32 Celsius . Then enter tag 32'C to F' in Google search box and press enter then you can see equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit.

Google to converter temprature

In the same manure you can convert to kelvin. This is not only applicable to temperature but also to all basic units. You can convert distance, time, velocity, speed, etc...

Example 4: Google as map

If you want to see map of India. Then it very  simple, you need only to enter tag 'India map' in search box then press enter. Then Google search automatically displays map of India. This feature of Google is associated with Google map, one of the derivative of Google inc.

Similarly you can search people, place, weather, ticket status, scores, schedules, news, apps, related post, etc