Facebook beat Koobface

Facebook Security Wing clammed on Tuesday, that they had located the members of Russian gang behind the Koobface. Koobface is a virus that attacked Facebook and other social networking site.

Koobface emerged in 2008, spreader through social networking sites. They bypass the flash player for spreading. A visitor to infected site on clicked play button of flash player, a message is displayed. Message informs that their flash player is out of date and to download newer version. A user who downloaded and install fake adobe flash player distributed by Koobface will turn the user computer into botnet made up of hundreds of thousands of malwares. Koobface is able to perform this action by communicating with 'command and central' server.

Koobface able to steal users private information including username and password, and produce fake traffic to most social networking sites using some malwares, to hang the roots connecting them. In an online survey conducted by Facebook, it founded three out of five computers are part of Koobface fake-traffic pulling network. In most cases the user is forced to buy a specific antivirus to skip out-of the action. This case remains until last month. Now it is under control.

Update : Facebook team totals rooted Koobface. They take lot of time to track the source and remove it. But the interesting fact is that Koobface is not effected to Facebook, but also to YouTube, Google Plus, Orkut, Yoku, metacafe etc. It also have the capability to infect the flash animations that in webpages. Some examples include gaming sites like microchip. These virus can also be found on cd or dvd. The main reason for that is the use of flash as the user interface. For all cd and dvd a animated catlog is used to choose the contents. They help user to navigate easily. It also present in small flash games.