Remove virus without antivirus

A virus is a commonly referred word for computer program that can replicate and spread from one computer to another. Usually they are hidden from human eye. And it may corrupt, deletes, steal files and personal data or to slow down and increase power consumption of your system, even though you are using antivirus. The main reason behind this may be the use of pirated, out-of-date or trial versions of antivirus. Use of internet increased the chance of venerability. Virus like Trojan Hours, root-kits, autorun, worm32, Annija, Bak, Gost boot, are some virus spread over network. Here I am explaining method to remove or delete virus.

Step 1 : Using start menu and open Run.

Remove Virus Without Antivirus

Step 2: Double click on run. Then new window as below will open.

Remove Virus Without Antivirus

Step 3 : Type 'cmd' to open command prompt.

Remove Virus Without Antivirus

Step 4 : switch the command prompt in to infected drive. If the infected drive is E. Simply type E: to change   command prompt to infected drive.

Step 5 : Now type command 'attrib -s -h *.* /s /d' in the prompt.

Step 6 : Type 'dir' in promt. Now it will display the files and folders in the drive.

Step 7 : If you see some .exe files. They are the virus. To remove these, rename the file without any extension. It can be done using the command 'Rename <virus_file_name_with_extention> <new_file_name_without_extention>' .

Step 8 : Close command promt and open the infected drive. Then you can see the file without extention. Delete this file along with supportng file.  In similar manner you can remove in Windows 7.

100% tested. Enjoy!

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