India need 22 crore units

Indian budget tablet PC, Aakash will be made completely indigenous and its production is going to expand. HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said, We are now planning to diversify production base, indigenous to create Eco system for end to end development and it may create enormous opportunities for R&D institutions, developers, electronic production houses. We require an additional 22 crore units of Aakash. It can't be filled by current resource  So we need to issue tenders enabling other companies along with the present manufacturer Datawind.

Current  Aakash tablet price is around 1,100 after student subsidies. It make use of Android OS  Most components including the processor are procured from outside. And the speed of processor should increased to minimum of 800 MHz instead of 300 MHz at present. For that government plans to involve three more IITs (IIT Mumbai, IIT Madras and IIT Kanpur) apart from IIT Rajasthan for the Aakash project to make it more indigenous and further lower its price.

Update:  Aakash 2 was launched. It contains parts made in china and assembled in India. Because of this reason Aakash 2 has fewer prices. It also runs in android platform. It has better performance and appearance than that of previous version. The demand of Aakash tablet is increasing day by day. But the production is not capable of met the demand. People experience long time delay in receiving aakash tablet. But the booking is going on. If you want to book a new Aakash tablet please visit the official site of Aakash tablets. And another news was coming now, which says that the team behind Aakash was planning to prepare new edition says Aakash 3. Aakash 3 has SIM slot and more applications. And the research professionals in IIT Bombay say that Aakash 3 will consider multiple vendors. And it will have fast processor.