Facebook 483 active users

On the first page of Facebook's prospectus for its sale of stock to the public, it pegs the number of its ''monthly active users’’. It has around 483 active users.

For Facebook the meaning of ''active user'' unlikely to be what you expected.  According to the company, a user is considered active if he or she took an action to share content or activity with his or her Facebook friends or connections via a third-party website that is integrated with Facebook''. In other words, every time you press the ''Like'' button or when you share a Twitter message on your Facebook account you are considered ''active user''.

Now the big question is how Facebook can put all of its ''active'', engaged users in front of advertising. Presently, none of its mobile sees any advertisements. And the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. But the margins on mobile advertising, at least for now, are much lower than on a computer screen. Now Facebook planning to turn the mobile portal to the biggest money bucket.

Update: Another important fact is that Facebook also have profiles of users who are not living. It doesn’t have any moderating mechanism to find profiles of deed persons. Currently its five percent profiles are deed. It is expected to have 65 percent of its profiles crowded with deed persons in the year 2020. It has an annual growth of 26 percent of such accounts.  Now news are coming, Facebook developer are searching of new technique to get of this phenomenon. If they not able to find some method to filter of this, it will surely revenue dip. Facebook tiger team will take steps to remove such profiles. It also planning to introduce new features on Facebook, to make better user experience. Friends please don’t forget join my Facebook page before leaving this post.