Free sms @ Airtel, Reliance, Docomo, Videocon

You can send local, national, international sms free using Twitter. It was because of the aggregation between Twitter and mobile provider that allows free sms from and to Twitter. Developers introduce this feature to notify its user about the events. But it is very easy to bypass this option and to send free sms to our friends. To enjoy this, both you and your friend should have an twitter account plus a mobile connection that supported by Twitter like Airtel, Reliance, Docomo, Videocon etc. To send free sms follow the steps below:

Free Sms @ Airtel Reliance  Docomo

1. If you don't have a twitter account please create one.

2. Open your twitter account and add your mobile number. You can add mobile number using the link Add number and press active phone.

3. Now verify your mobile number. For that you need to send a sms with keyword 'GO' to 53000. Twitter or mobile  providers  (other than Gulf countries) doesn't charge for this.

4. Once your mobile number is verified, you and your friend should follow each other. Now you can start sending messages. The format to send message is

@<frends twitter id> <your msg> to 53000

For example, you want to send message 'HI, how are u’ to your friend abin (twitter id: abin758), type 

        @abin758 Hi,How are u

in your mobile and send it to 
Then your friend will immediately receive it as

Hi, How are u

Note: The maximum length of message that can be send is 140. And you can send any number message a day.

Update:  If any of the user register at DNT service, the sms may not receive. And you can’t send sms after 9pm and before 8am. That means you can’t send messages for 11 hours (That is from 9pm to 8am). Moreover in peak hour time it may experience delay.