Create Android App for YouTube - No Coding Required

Sometimes you may be running a YouTube channel and monetize YouTube videos. Your YouTube channel may or may not have large number subscriber.  Your earnings from YouTube video are directly proportional to number of users playing them. If larger the number of videos, or larger the audience then probably get decent earning. 

Now in this tutorial I am going to explain how to create an android application in simple steps for your YouTube channel.  You don’t need coding or programming knowledge for this. First of all create an android application for your channel means you are opening a new path that help you to get more audience. So an android app helps you to earn more video views, subscribers and thus more money. Apart from these benefits it will also help to reduce bounce back rate. Bounce back rate is simply rate at which people go and watch videos uploaded by some other users in YouTube after watching your YouTube video. So one key option to increase income from YouTube is to reduce bounce back.

Now I am going to explain how to build android app for your YouTube channel. It involves following steps:

Step 1: First you need to open website called AppsGeyser ( [Figure below shows the snapshot of AppsGeyser home page]

appgeyser home page

Step 2: Once the site is completely loaded, you can see an button (as in figure) say ‘CREATE APP NOW!’. Please click it.

Create Button in Front Page to build android app

Step 3: Now you are moved to an new page, which have following options (figure below). Click ‘YouTube Video’ option from the list.

App Menu with three options

Step 4: Now you are directed to a page which have options to create app (figure below). 

a) Now enters URL of your channel (for example : in textbox corresponding to YouTube field in the form.

b) Similarly fills your app name and description. Your app name can be anything. I personally recommend you to choose your app name exactly same as the YouTube channel so that user can identify easily from Google or AppsGeyser store. And description means some explanation about your app.

c) Now browse your icon. You can upload images in jpeg or png for this purpose. They also provide option to crop image.

d) Then you need to choose screen orientation. It is better to choose ‘Auto’.

e) After filling these details press ‘CREATE APP’ button in the bottom of form.

Step 5 : Now you reach an signup page (as figure below). Fill all the required details and press ‘SIGN UP’.

AppsGeyser accound creating page

Step 6 : Once you finish sign-up you are directed to dashboard. Figure below show the snapshot of dashboard.

AppsGeyser  dashboard to moniter android application

Here you can see code and link to download your android YouTube app. This link can be copied and used in your blog or YouTube channel.

AppsGeyser Download App Code and Link

It is also possible to publish this app in Google Play. For that you need to pay $25 (onetime payment) for Google. Once you publish app in Google Play, you can also monetize the app itself.

That’s all you had finished building your application. If you have any doubts in building android application please watch this video. Friend please doesn’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel. Also follow me on Facebook and twitter.

100% tested. 
Enjoy!! .