Basic Sitemap - automatic tool to generate xml sitemap for blogs

Basic sitemap is a web application that been developed to built xml sitemap. Sitemaps are considered as the simplest and easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages or content on their sites. It is capable of generating sitemap for WordPress, Tumblr and blogger blogs. These sitemap can be submitted to Google and Bing webmaster tools for indexing.

Basic Sitemap interface

Working of Basic sitemap [ ] is very simple. Figure show the snapshot of basic sitemap. In the left site you can see a text box. User need to enter his or her blog address in this text box. The address entered should be complete.  For example . User never forget to enter prefix http:// and avoid using country domains such as, etc. Once the user entered the address of blog, press ‘generate sitemap’ button. Then it will automatically generate the link to sitemap.

This sitemap can be used to index search engine. You need only to copy this link and past to Google or Bing webmaster tools. This will direct search engine to index your recent post and updates