Nominate your blog for INDIBLOGGIER’S awards

IBawards - blogging awards 2013

The largest blogging community IndibloggieR’s is back with ‘The Indian Blogger Awards 2013’. It seems to be started in 2003 to bring recognition to new bloggers. It was the tenth edition of IBA. This year it has about 50 different award categories. Anyone can nominate their blogs for awards. The last date to nominate your blog is 20th July 2013. This year also there are exciting prizes. Juries of people from various INDIBLOGGER’S associations will judge the awards. The judgment is based on content, originality, interaction and usability of the blog. In addition to these prizes, all the nominations get a sure gift such as pen drive. Moreover registration is absolutely free.

Nomination Guidelines

The submission guidelines are very simple as follows.

  1. You can submit your blog only. You can’t submit any company website or blog.
  2. You can submit up to 10 blogs.
  3. You can submit blogs that runs on any blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.
  4. You can’t submit doorway page or discussion forums.
  5. You should not submit same blog more than once.
  6. You need to choose any one of the category that matches your blog content and, you can’t change this category later.
  7. While nominating, you need to enter your blog address not the address of any of your blog posts.
  8. Your blog shouldn’t have duplicated or unoriginal contents.
  9. Your blog shouldn’t have adult contents.
  10. Your guest blogging post can’t be submitted.

Note: To submit your blog, you need to register INDIBLOGGER’S. It is very easy to get an INDIBLOGGER’S  account. If you are already a member, you can nominate blogs directly. To nominate go IBaward page

Please also note that before nominating make sure that your INDIBLOGGER’S profile is up to date.
In case of any questions, you are free to post them here

Update: INDIBLOGGER’S annual blog awards are especially for Indian bloggers. It not only certificates the bloggies, but also helps to find more followers and friends. It also helps build networks of bloggers. So it’s a great opportunity to widen your blog. Don’t waste it, register contest now!!